Customized Courses

TLCI advisors are companions on the educational journey, providing students with a closely guided learning experience. Regularly scheduled advisor-led conferences, along with a collaborative-reflective learning blog, allow students to meet their highest academic potential.

All students participate in conferences. Elementary level student participation is encouraged, but a parent or their designated representative primarily communicates the student’s progress, shares details, and elaborates upon self-reflections with the advisor.

Middle and high school students assume increased responsibility by engaging personally with their advisor and elaborating upon their studies, reflections and self-evaluations.

Students reflect daily in a private blog shared with their advisor, who provides critical feedback and guidance. They also have an option to participate in a group blog, in which they can share experiences and collaborate on projects.

Reflective learning is the process of internally examining ideas and experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the world and of oneself. Reflective learning is infused throughout the program and includes self-evaluation and self-correction for all subjects.

Reflection helps students:

  • Understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify and explore values, beliefs and assumptions
  • Gain critical insight for self-evaluation and self-correction
  • Recognize challenges and develop strategies to address them
  • Increase academic confidence

A collaborative-reflective educational experience:

  • Helps transform information into knowledge
  • Analyzes data and synthesizes ideas to create new concepts and understanding
  • Allows students to learn in an interdisciplinary way
  • Lets students share in managing their learning
  • Invites students to collaborate with their advisor and others as co-constructors of knowledge
  • Is ideal for college preparation