Customized Courses

Customized Learning Since 1984

TLCI is a leading pioneer of customized education. Our program is not limited to any specific curriculum, but informed by and designed around, the needs, particular interests, strengths and goals of each student.

For over 35 years, TLCI has offered students the opportunity to pursue and explore their unique topics of interest; topics often not considered credit worthy or recognized by the large majority of educational institutions following prescribed curricula. TLCI students pursue their interests and goals in an empowering and professionally guided learning environment designed to prepare them for success.

My-Size-Fits-Me Collaborative Process

The student’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is far from one-size fits all. The plan is highly flexible and may include customized courses, and courses from our standardized curriculum. With customized courses the whole world becomes the classroom. Students use a variety of resources including travel, experiential learning, hands on activities, OpenCourseWare, as well as subject specialists. In this way students are inspired to pursue areas of interest spanning virtually any subject.


The student is guided to lead the course design process as much as she or he is able and willing:

  • Selects the topic
  • Identifies course objectives
  • Identifies resources needed
  • Articulates types of course work, projects, etc. to be completed
  • Collaborates on the means and types of evaluation

Living Curriculum and Student Reflective Journal

The goal of our reflective collaborative process is to empower students and parents to create an ILP and address changing needs that may arise throughout each year of their educational journey. With TLCI’s Reflective Journal component changes to the ILP are seamless. Students meet regularly with their advisor and discuss any necessary adjustments to maintain intrinsic motivation and increase personal awareness.

The advantages of TLCI’s guided, customized approach to learning include the following:

  • Accommodates diverse learning styles and needs
  • Effectively tailors program to student’s college or career goals
  • Restores and increases motivation and interest in learning
  • Enhances self-awareness, builds confidence and leadership
  • Increases personal responsibility for one’s choices and outcomes

Student of this century will experience a future of increasing uncertainty, which requires them to be flexible, interdependent and competent. TLCI’s program immerses the student in a process of learner empowerment preparing them for academic and personal success.