Frequently Asked Questions

What is TLCI?

TLCI is an accredited private school that offers the advantages of being enrolled in a private school—supervision, grades, transcripts and diplomas—with all the flexibility and opportunities of home education.

Through the creation and implementation of a self-paced and customized curriculum, students have time to explore their interests, discover hidden talents and pursue real life opportunities.  A professional advisor provides personalized support and guidance via web conferences, email and regular phone conferences throughout the year.

The flexibility of the program allows for immediate adjustments to effectively align the plan with changing needs and goals while allowing older students to attain credits for unique studies and for college classes while in high school.

How does TLCI's customized program work?

Through collaboration involving the student, parent and our professional advisor we craft an education program complete with goals, objectives and study plan.

The plan may include lessons from our national standards-based K-12 electronic curriculum, custom designed courses, internships, work and voluntary experiences and other activities congruent with the interest and talents of the student.

Does enrollment include educational materials?

Enrollment includes access to our complete, national standards-based K-12 electronic curriculum. Students have full access at every grade level. This allows each student to work at the appropriate grade level. The customized educational program of each student determines the extent and use of this curriculum. The advisor provides a list of free resources for program development and recommendations for enrichment materials.

Does TLCI provide standardized testing?

TLCI is a graded program using a unique rubric including both test and non-test assessment depending on subject matter. Depending on the needs of the student, parents may opt out of the graded process.

Is the TLCI advisor my child's teacher?

The TLCI advisor provides guidance, feedback and recommendations for the student. If a teacher or tutor is desired TLCI offers concierge service referrals.

How involved must I be as a parent?

That depends upon the inclination, ability and situation. Some parents work very closely with their children providing guidance and instruction. Others may choose to hire an educationalmanager, tutors and teachers who oversee the program and provides instruction as needed.

TLCI offers advisory service packages and provides a list of concierge services including tutors and specialists to assist parents and students who seek additional support or special services.

What about college entrance? Military acceptance? Employment?

TLCI has graduated over 1200 students since 1984. Every Ivy League university, Military Academy and hundreds of public and private Universities have accepted our graduates. Because they graduate with an accredited diploma; military recruiters, state and private employers readily accept our graduates. (See:

Does TLCI offer rolling admissions?

Yes. The school year goes from Sept 1 to May 31 and students are admitted throughout the year. Re-enrollment begins February 1.

Is there a summer session?

A summer session is available and runs from June 15 to August 15.

What is TlCI's admission process?

Admission begins with a 30-minute conference to establish if there is a potential match between student and TLCI. If a match is determined parent and student complete the enrollment process.

Is there a discount for military members?

TLCI is proud to offer reduced tuition rates to active-duty military and veterans.