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Closely Guided By Experts!

Closely Guided By Experts Through Ongoing Personalized Conferences

  • Partnering To Support Your Efforts
  • Creating Accountability To Increase Success
  • Employing Strategies To Ensure Consistent Progress

You and your child are never alone in your educational journey. At all phases of the educational process, we work closely with you and your child to create a unique educational partnership designed to promote discovery and effective learning.

Your child’s personal advisor guides and directs core curriculum design, customizes courses, helps select resources and materials, collaborates on the reflective learning journals, ensures your child meets college and career course prerequisites, and evaluates student work.

TLCI advisors are companions on the educational journey, providing students with a closely guided learning experience. Regularly scheduled advisor-led conferences, along with a collaborative-reflective learning journal, allow students to meet their highest academic potential.

All students participate in conferences. Elementary level student participation is encouraged, but a parent or their designated representative primarily communicates the student’s progress, shares details, and elaborates upon self-reflections with the advisor.

Middle and high school students assume increased responsibility by engaging personally with their advisor and elaborating upon their studies, reflections and self-evaluations.

Students reflect daily in a private journal shared with their advisor, who provides critical feedback and guidance. They also have an option to participate in an online educational community, in which they can share experiences and collaborate on projects with students locally and globally. 

Your Personal Advisor

  • Is your professional guide. She assists you through uncharted territory, her expertise steering you past the obstacles and pitfalls of your journey, guiding you in developing the skills necessary to succeed.
  • Helps you discover the most valuable questions to ask and answer. By engaging in learner-centered questioning and dialogue, he holds up your thoughts and dreams for you to examine from multiple perspectives. Your thoughtful reflections, self-evaluations, and self-corrections allow him to ask insightful questions that keep you on course and propel you toward academic, career, and personal success.
  • Keeps you focused. You are in control of creating your educational journey. Personal freedom and responsibility can be quite challenging, even scary. Your advisor will be supporting you and also holding you accountable. As you move toward your goals, you know that you have a trusted guide dedicated to helping you stay on course.
  • Helps you believe in yourself. Through a collaborative process of setting and attaining incremental goals, she guides you to recognize your personal abilities and apply them to your learning and development.
  • Assists you to reach your full potential. He encourages you to move to the very edge of possibilities, outside your comfort zone where incredible things happen, and transforms it all into a practical plan worth pursuing.

Our Personal Advisors are carefully chosen and trained. They are skilled in:

  • Empathic listening
  • Student-centered and interdisciplinary learning
  • Collaborating in the design of curricula
  • Bloom’s Hierarchy of Learning
  • Kolb’s Learning Cycle
  • Critical thinking and analytical reasoning
  • The art of Socratic questioning
  • Academic evaluation and assessment

The Personal Advisor is the glue that holds your child’s program together, ensuring that it achieves all of the intended results while keeping your child enthusiastically engaged in learning.

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I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks. My son participated in The Learning Community International last year and it was definitely a life-changing experience for him. I am sorry to see him move back into the public system but know that he has gained the independence, confidence and skills necessary to be successful. Your vision in starting up TLCI has been greatly appreciated by my whole family as we have watched Cai grow and mature into a young man who despite his dyslexia and ADD now loves reading and learning. Of course, our advisor was a huge contributor to Cai’s success—her enthusiasm and kindness touched us to the very core, and her insight and knowledge guided us along the way. So, a very big “thank you” indeed!

– Cathryn C. (and family) 2010

Our Advisors Are Here to Serve You!

Our Advisory Board Features Diverse Experience and Resources

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