The TLCI Vision For Education

The Learning Community International School is based on a learner-centered vision of education. Working collaboratively, professional educators and the student create a custom designed learning plan based on interests, strengths, talents and long-term goals. Students and parents are guided throughout the year in a process of self-reflection, self-evaluation and self-corrTLCI-weblogo-320ection of their educational journey.

The freedom of flexibility with accountability guides students in developing important skills that will serve them well in college, their chosen careers and in their lives.  Skills such as responsibility, personal awareness, intrinsic motivation, lifelong learning, self-management and belief in oneself are skills that empower individuals to create an intentional life.

For over 33 years our students have been discovering that learning and growing are deep, lasting, and empowering experiences. We ers on an educational journey that will inspire your children to realize their fullest potential.