Program Overview

The perfect marriage of private and home school… empowering one student at a time since 1984  

TLCI is not a typical online school

Our program is not limited to any curriculum, but informed by and designed around, the needs, interests, strengths and goals of each student. The world is—literally—the classroom.

The student is the program

Every student is assigned a personal academic advisor and core subject teachers who work with the student throughout the school year. The student’s Individualized Learning Plan is a highly flexible program pursuant to the student’s individual needs, interest and goals. No two ILP’s have ever been identical in our 35-year history.

  • Dedicated academic advisor
  • Regular scheduled support & guidance video conferences
  • Core subjects teachers
  • Interest-based designed courses
  • Unlimited curriculum options; some included with enrollment
  • Student centered interdisciplinary and reflective learning

Working closely with the student throughout the school year, leveraging strengths and talents, we provide the supervision and support required to ensure student success.

Highly Experienced Professional Team

We are very selective about who works with our families and their children. Our team includes:

  • College professors
  • Subject specialists
  • Teachers & tutors
  • Mentors
  • College & career counselor
  • Special education & child psychologist

Assessments & Recommendations

What distinguishes TLCI from other programs is the diversity and comprehensiveness of our student/parent assessments.

  • Math and English
  • Myers Briggs & Rockport Institute Strengths and Talents
  • Interpretation and counseling
  • I.E.P. review
  • Special needs accommodation

Results & recommendations are communicated to the advisor who uses the information to shape an effective Individualized Learning Plan.

Guided Student Empowerment

A central feature of TLCI’s success with thousands of students is our mission of learner empowerment. Students assume increased responsibility by:

  • Reflecting regularly upon their progress
  • Conducting self-evaluation and self-correction exercises
  • Collaborating with their advisor & subject teachers during regular conferences
  • Participating in customizing their educational program to maximize success

Ensuring TLCI is the right match for you

Potential students and their parents participate in TLCI’s thorough 90-minute pre-enrollment conference. If TLCI is not the right match for you the representative will suggest other alternatives for you to consider. We only enroll students and families who are the right match for our unique, learner empowerment program.

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Since 1984…

Our mission has been to create a student empowerment program with a level of professional guidance and support second to none. No other distance-learning program provides our level of scheduled professional contact, guidance and support.

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