The Student Comes First!

Puts Child’s Unique Needs And Interests First

  • Overcomes Traditional Pitfalls Of Instruction
  • Uncovers Hidden Talents And Strengths
  • Establishes Values Of Lifelong Learning

The success of the TLCI program is in how it treats each child as unique.  Nothing we do is standard because we know that every child learns differently.

We also know that children flourish in an educational environment unlike any other, where their interests, needs and goals are key components in the creation of each day’s learning experience.

We treat every child as special, working collaboratively with you and your child to develop a specialized educational program that addresses your child’s interests, needs and goals. Children with special needs, even those who need a more challenging curriculum, achieve higher levels of success in our accredited TLCI program.

Poised For Success

TLCI advisors help ensure that any customization meets the child’s needs and educational goals. Advisors are companions on the educational journey, providing students with a closely guided learning experience. Their participation also affords you peace of mind, knowing that your child is poised for success. Regularly scheduled advisor-led conferences, along with a collaborative-reflective learning record, allow students to meet their highest academic potential.

We remain committed to the notion that education is not a collection of knowledge handed down from teachers to students, nor a race to finish a book, a course just for credit, or simply memorizing facts and figures. Education is the process of introducing students to a world of learning opportunities while helping them to develop the problem-solving skills necessary to navigate their ever-changing world.

Thank you so much for everything you both have done on behalf our children. TLCI has given them the opportunity and means to pursue their interests and dreams. It allowed us to pursue learning our way and create new paths to achieving their goals. We are so glad this opportunity existed!

– Connie F.

Restores Child’s Love Of Learning!

Restores Child’s Love Of Learning

  • Encourages Self-Directed Learning
  • Develops Child’s Sense of Personal Responsibility
  • Facilitates Self-Reflection and Growth

Children inherently want and need to learn. Too often, however, children are constrained in their learning by a system or an approach that is designed to prove its own success.

By squashing children’s natural desire to learn, we diminish the intrinsic motivation necessary to enable them to reach for, and achieve, their potential.

Create joy in the learning experience.

A Collaborative Approach

TLCI is different. We focus on the child and collaboratively built a program around that child designed to leverage interest, talents and strengths. The child is encouraged to be an active participant in the creation of his or her educational plan working side by side with our professional advisor to create a plan the child is excited about and fully invested in pursuing.

The advisor works in partnership with you and your child throughout the year ensuring that our unique approach meets all educational prerequisites, while giving your child the flexibility and opportunities possible only through a customized program.

Through the application of advisor guided self-reflection, self-evaluation and self-correction, critical thinking, analytical reasoning and effective communication—we leverage all aspects of the student’s program, transforming learning from data collection into real knowledge.

TLCI truly offers every child a my-size-fits-me education.

I cannot begin to thank you for all the ways you [advisor] have poured your time, energy and heart into guiding our family through the learning process. When the girls joined TLCI they had no idea how to turn curiosity into self-directed education. I am very impressed with the way you gradually, skillfully empowered them to learn independently.  Through you, they learned to reflect, review and analyze their own work and the work of others on a pretty sophisticated level. They learned so many important skills for life, including time management & how to research and document. Most importantly, you taught them how to think more deeply about how they learn best and to have the confidence and drive and desire to pursue learning as a lifestyle. It has been a gift to work with you and TLCI. With appreciation.

– Sally D.

Matches Child’s Learning Style!

Matches Child’s Learning style

  • Empowers Child To Learn At Own Pace
  • Ensures Child Is Advancing Toward Goals
  • Creates Process Of Accountability And Success

The focus of TLCI’s program is on the individual, not the artificial constrains and requirements of a program, grade, or a system. Our students have full flexibility to learn at their own pace, pursue the most effective schedule allowing them to better achieve goals and objectives.

Because our students are treated as individuals, each student has the opportunity to play a central role in developing his or her program. Working closely with our advisor and you, the parent, we develop a program designed to most effectively leverage the child’s strengths and facilitate his or her learning preferences to achieve goals.

Through the application of advisor guided self-reflection, self-evaluation and self-correction, students with all sorts of learning difficulties, from Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and other learning difficulties to hearing and visual limitations, become invested partners in their own success [and achieve their goals].

A year ago we were looking for 12th grade options for our sons. We discovered TLCI and our family were ably shepherded through a successful year. The freedom in schedule and choice afforded our sons the latitude to make, act, and expand upon their own choices all while completing the needed requirements and then some. Finishing high school with a professional and positive experience was very fulfilling and satisfying after two difficult years elsewhere. We could have asked nothing more from TLCI’s able mentoring and support.

– Ralph J.

Directs Child Toward Success!

Directs Child’s Energy Toward Success

  • Puts Child On Logical Path To Reach Goals
  • Establishes Benchmarks To Ensure Progress
  • Creates Process For Recognizing Successes

Using our core curriculum and resources, the advisor, parent, and child collaborate to achieve mutually agreed upon goals. The educational plan is further enhanced through a process of customization reflecting the unique needs and interests of the child.

A key component of the TLCI learning experience is the advisor-guided process of objective self-reflection, self-evaluation and self-correction. By learning how to intelligently question and evaluate what and how they learn, the child is able adjust their path accordingly to make better choices, enhance their enjoyment of learning and achieve their goals.

These critical life skills create children who are increasingly self-aware and self-motivated, becoming adventurous, independent learners, who achieve whatever they set their minds to.

In today’s rapidly changing world, colleges and employers seek the few who have developed these qualities.

I would like to sincerely thank TLCI, and my advisor for everything. TLCI made my high school experience so unique; allowing me to pursue my career goal. Many of my fellow comrades in both dance and music, seemed to lack in their education or ended their education after they completed high school. I feel that so many of these kids never learned “outside the box” and when it was time for everyone to audition for professional ballet companies, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for TLCI, and it’s emphasis on excellent education and “thinking outside the box”! While my friends at local high schools party at beach week, and catch senioritis, I have been hitting the books, learning about everything, taking college courses, and opening my eyes to new ideas and knowledge every day. I’m a high achiever, I’m driven, I’m eager, I’m determined, I now know the importance of education, and that is what TLCI has enabled me to both see and be.

– Abi L.