The Learning Community International School

Annual Tuition*

Elementary K-5
Middle School 6-8
High School 9-11
High School 12th

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* Additional course review and transfer fee for non-accredited studies.

 Korean Students:  Please contact TLCI Associate Director John Ghim for enrollment details 010-3653-2511.


Barbara Nicholas Klein  (BNK) Memorial Scholarship Fund

BNK memorial scholarship fund honors the accomplishments of our high school graduates.

TLCI School offers scholarships to our distinguished scholars. Student advisors nominate students who have excelled in the arts, entrepreneurship, and academics. Support comes from local and international businesses, alumni and enrolled TLCI families, and well-wishers.

Comprised of charitable donations provided by TLCI affiliated entities, students, alumni, organizations, or persons, the fund assists TLCI students facing unexpected financial challenges. As the fund is comprised of donations there is no guarantee scholarships will always be available.

If you wish to support the educational goals of the unique students of TLCI, a tax-deductible donation can be made through the BNK Memorial Fund.

Should you wish to donate to a specific scholarship, please click the Donate button, and name the scholarship to which you wish to contribute.